10 Jobs that will Earn Most Money in 2024

Author: SushilJobs

People are looking for such jobs which have good salary and can fulfill all their needs comfortably.

Finding job satisfaction is also important, but this job will pay even more.

In this, we study the management structure and objectives of the company whose average salary is currently $95,290.

1. Management Analyst

Those who supervise the production of goods on a production or assembly line have an average salary currently of $107,560.

2. Industrial Production Manager

Its job is to provide analysis and advice on financial matters to individuals and businesses with an average salary now of $96,220 per year.

3. Financial Analyst

There's no limit to the amount of money you can make in a sales position, with an average salary of $108,530.

4. Sales Representative

They are employed by insurance companies to measure risk and use mathematics and statistics, with an average salary of $113,990.

5. Actuary

They design and develop software and applications, with an average salary currently of $124,200.

6. Software Developer

Computer network engineers help design, install, and maintain computer networks for companies and organizations with an average salary now of $126,900.

7. Computer Network Architect

The average salary of a medical dosimetrist overseeing the treatment of cancer patients is currently $128,970 per year.

8. Medical Dosimetrist

An air traffic controller ensures the safety of passenger and cargo aircraft by directing them during takeoff and landing at airports, with an average salary of $132,250.

9. Air Traffic Controller

Artificial intelligence, or AI, technology is in high demand in Verman, a more demanding job with an average salary of $136,620.

10. AI Engineer

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