Top 4 Highest Paying Jobs in India 2024

Author: SushilJobs

After 12th exam, there are many courses available after completing Bachelor's degree.

However, they do not know which course to do which will provide salary in lakhs.

Where Oxford Royal Academy has provided the list of difficult subjects which give salary in lakhs.

Law, which is also called a difficult course, is of three years duration and includes legal study and all subjects related to law. Its salary is up to Rs 15 lakh.


CA course is also very difficult, it takes 5 years to complete this course. The normal salary of CA is 15 lakhs.

Chartered Accountant

In this, design and maintenance of spacecraft, aircraft, missiles and weapons etc. are also studied and the annual salary in this is up to Rs 24 lakh.

Aerospace Engineering

Architecture which is not an easy course, it is the toughest course in the world and its normal salary is up to Rs 40 lakh per year.