5 Professional Job-Oriented Courses After Graduation

Date:  15 October 2023 

Author: SushilJobs

Most students pursue postgraduate degrees like M.Phil or PhD, so these fantastic postgraduate courses allow you to turn your degree around.

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PMP certification is one of the most respected project management professional designations in the world.

Fees: Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 50,000 Duration of the course: 160+ hours

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1. PMP Certification

Business Analytics is essentially a technology that combines data analytics and business intelligence on large amounts of data.

Duration of the course: 1-3 months Fees: Rs.120,000 to Rs. 800,000

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2. Business Analytics

Master's degree in Data Science is one of the best courses after graduation.

Duration of the course: 1 Years Fees: Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 600,000

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3. Master of Science in Data Science

Machine learning is a data analysis technique that automates the development of analytical models.

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4. Machine Learning

Any student who prefers finance over STEM should pursue Chartered Financial Analyst certification.

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5. Chartered Financial Analyst