7 Weird Jobs That Pay Well But No One Knows

Author: SushilJobs

A person asked what are the strange jobs that no one knows about and they get paid well.

That person told me about 7 such strange jobs, here are these obscure, fascinating jobs.

Creates teeth on a computer using CAD/CAM software for dental laboratories.

1. Teeth designer

One sister-in-law sniffs scented wax for Yankee Candle, another user pretends he knows authoritative people tasting beer and food.

2. Candle scent sniffer

A professional ice sculptor makes a lot of money from weddings and corporate events.

3. Ice sculptor

The Redditor's father was a master flavorist who made a lot of money during his career.

4. Artificial flavor maker

An urban bat tracker monitors and studies bat populations in cities using bat echolocation detectors.

5. Bat tracker

Hand pollination involves pollinating plants manually, especially plants with short pollination windows such as saffron and vanilla orchids.

6. Hand pollinators

A pine cone harvester collects pine cones from the tops of trees cut by helicopter for tree planting.

7. Pine cone harvester

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