I make $200,000 a year without a college degree

Author: SushilJobs

Ethan Clatterbaugh has started earning a six-figure salary after landing his 28th job.

Presently I have done 31 different jobs, but to no avail.

Ethan Clatterbaugh, 32, has changed jobs frequently since having his first child at age 15.

They found a career path from extensive experiences and certifications without a college degree.

Forebright is a technology product manager at the bank who makes $198,000 a year plus a performance bonus.

Earn very good money in corporate jobs, where one has to use simple path to reach there.

He says that quitting a job usually leads to more money. Having a college degree is not the only way to build a stable career.

He was experienced in everything in his career and kept asking for help and looking for new opportunities without any shame.

My three main takeaways from those two-dozen-plus jobs are connecting with people, keeping moving forward, and staying open and curious.