Luxembourg Jobs for indian in 2024

Author: SushilJobs

There is going to be a lot of demand for jobs in Luxembourg for Indians in 2024.

If foreign job seekers want to work for Luxembourg then look here.

Luxembourg is a highly developed country with a stable economy, political security and a high standard of living.

They must have an "authorization to remain" document and a residence permit.

It has finance, IT, restaurant service and hospitality, legal consulting, health care, construction.

High Demand Jobs

The number of Indian community in Luxembourg was approximately 569 in 2011, it has increased to 3354 in 2021.

Fluency in French, German or English is often important and you must have specific skills.

Skill Requirement

Indians visiting Luxembourg need to apply for and obtain a national visa (long-term visa).

Luxembourg has the second highest average annual salary in the world, with US$65.449 in 2018.