Most Difficult UPSC Interview Questions in 2023 

Author: SushilJobs

Many tricky questions are asked in UPSC IAS interview, which no one is able to answer.

UPSC Civil Services Interview (IAS Interview) is also considered to be the toughest interview in the country.

Ans: Forest can be created in a small area and the forest is natural.

1. What is the difference between forest and jungle?

Ans: Eye

2. Which part of the body never grows from childhood to old age?

Ans: You can buy incense sticks or candles for Rs 10, which will fill the entire house with light.

3. What can you buy for Rs 10 that will fill the entire room?

Ans: We drink water because we cannot eat or chew it.

4. Why do we drink water?

Ans: 22+2/2

5. How to write 23 using only 2?

Ans: You can complete your sleep at night by not sleeping during the day.

6. How can a man survive without sleeping for 10 days?