Top 10 US Liberal Arts Colleges in 2024

Author: SushilJobs

Students who are pursuing their dreams to study of their choice still have many options.

US News & World Report has analyzed more than 1,800 colleges in the United States.

The ranking determines the factors required to rank colleges committed to providing the best educational ecosystem.

U.S. Check out these 211 best colleges in the U.S. listed by U.S. News & World Report.

Williams College Amherst College United States Naval Academy

Pomona College, Swarthmore College and Wellesley College United States Air Force Academy United States Military Academy at West Point Bowdoin College and Carleton College (Tie)

13 indicators were used to rank colleges in the 2024 National Liberal Arts College Rankings in the US.

For the purpose of ranking, each school's ranking was calculated and compared with the average and standard deviation values of other schools to create a normalized score.

These scores were then weighted and summed to arrive at a final overall score for each school.

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