Top Most Difficult Course in the World 2024

Author: SushilJobs

Competition is increasing in every field across the world, how to get a job?

In this competitive world, new courses are included which are considered as the toughest courses in the world.

1. Engineering 2. Chartered Accountancy 3. Medicine 4. Pharmacy

5. Architecture 6. law 7. Psychology 8. Aeronautics 9. Quantum Mechanics

10. Statistics 11. Journalism 12. Nursing 13. Finance 14. Philosophy 15. Fine Arts 16. Foreign Language

Along with courses like MBBS, B.Com, IAS, IPS and engineering etc, Nursing graduate or BSN is one of the toughest courses in the world.

There is a list of Toughest Courses in the World which can be done only by students studying science stream till 12th.

Top Most Difficult Course is also a great opportunity to make a career in 2024.

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