NExT Exam 2024: Exam Date, Syllabus, Eligibility Criteria, Exam Pattern

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The NExT examination for Final year MBBS students of the 2020 batch is likely to be August 2025. Here candidates know about NExT Exam 2024 Syllabus, Eligibility Criteria, Exam Pattern, Marking Scheme and Result.

NExT Exam 2024: Exam Date, Syllabus, Eligibility Criteria
NExT Exam 2024: Exam Date, Syllabus, Eligibility Criteria

National Exit Test (NExT) is a computer-based examination. It is a single-window examination that will serve as a licensing examination for MBBS graduates, a screening test for postgraduate medical admissions and a basis for foreign medical graduates to practice in India. NExT Exam 2024 is scheduled to be implemented in 2024 and it is expected to be conducted in August 2025 (Final year MBBS students of the 2020 batch).

According to the latest update from the National Medical Commission (NMC), the first batch of MBBS students to appear for the NEXT exam will be the 2024 batch. The most likely venue for NExT exam 2024 is AIIMS, New Delhi. Starting from June 28, 2023, NExT exam registration will continue till July 10, 2023. A mock test examination is expected to be held on July 28, 2023.

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The NExT exam will be conducted in two phases:

Stage 1: This stage will be a multiple choice question (MCQ) examination, which will test the student’s knowledge of basic medical science and clinical subjects.

Stage 2: This stage will be a practical examination which will test the clinical skills of the student.

A student must qualify both the stages of the NExT examination to obtain a license to practice medicine in India. The NExT exam phase will be administered for the candidates starting from December 1, 2023.

NExT Exam 2024

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The NExT Exam 2024 is expected to be a more comprehensive and challenging exam than the current licensing exam, the Medical Council of India (MCI) Screening Test. The NExT examination will be integrated with the competency-based medical education (CBME) curriculum. Which focuses on developing the clinical skills and competencies of the student.

NEET PG 2024 Exam Date March 2024

NEET MDS 2024 Exam Date

According to official sources, the National Exit Test (NEXT) will be conducted next year in 2024 and the examination is likely to be conducted by All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). The NExT examination is expected to improve the quality of medical education and practice in India.

NExT Exam 2024 Details

NExT Exam 2024 is an exit exam which is a common entry point to obtain medical licensure in India. Starting in 2024, NEET will replace the PG and FMGE tests.

Exam nameNational Exit Test or NEXT
Conducting BodyNational Medical Commission (NMC) most likely
ObjectiveMedical License
Exam LevelPostgraduate exam at the National level
Session commencement2024-25
NExT Exam 2024 DateAugust 2025 (Final year MBBS students of the 2020 batch)
Mode of examinationOnline
Eligible candidatesFinal year MBBS students & Foreign Medical Graduates
Number of PaperPapers 1 and 2
Type of questionsMCQs LAQs SAQs
How many attemptNo restriction
Total Number of Questions540 MCQs
Minimum Passing Score50%
Official Website
NExT Exam 2024

NExT 2024 Exam Date

National Exit Test (NExT) which will probably be conducted from August 2025. Its two sessions will be organized in May and November. Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the exam are each going to be different.

DetailsExam DateResult
NExT Step 1 RegularMay/November1st week of June/ December
3rd year MBBS /Final MBBS PART 2 Practical /
Clinical University Examination
1st week of June/December3rdweek of June/December
Internship1st January/July31st December/30th June following year
NExT Step 2 Regular3st week June/DecemberLast week of June/December
NExT Step 2 Supplementary1st week September/March3rdweek September/March
National Exit Test (NExT) ExamAugust 2025 (Final year MBBS students of the 2020 batch)Coming Soon
NExT 2024 Exam Date

NExT Exam Eligibility Criteria

Candidates need to meet certain eligibility requirements for any exam and this also applies to the NExT Exam 2024. Only those people who have a graduate medical degree can write for the National Exit Test. Below are some of the eligibility criteria regarding NExT Exam 2024:

  • All foreign medical graduates are approved by the National Medical Commission to obtain license and practice medicine as a registered practitioner in India.
  • They must have valid MBBS degree with minimum 50% marks.
  • After passing NExT Paper 1, candidates must complete a 12-month internship.
  • Any candidate who fulfills the above criteria can appear for NExT Paper 2.
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The NExT exam is conducted in two parts:

Next Step 1: A multiple choice question (MCQ) examination that assesses candidates’ knowledge of basic medical sciences, clinical sciences and public health.

Next Step 2: A clinical skills test which assesses the clinical skills and competence of the candidates.

Candidates who wish to obtain a license to practice medicine in India must qualify both parts of the NExT examination.

NExT Application Form 2024

NExT Application Form 2024
NExT Application Form 2024

The application form for NExT MBBS will probably be released on the official website To submit the application form, candidates will need to register first. The application process involves the steps of registration, filling the application form, uploading images and paying the registration fee.

When candidates go to fill NExT Application Form 2024, they are advised to check the eligibility criteria carefully before applying for NExT PG exam. The exact date will be announced by the National Medical Commission (NMC) through the official website of AIIMS.

To apply for NExT exam candidates must first register on the official website. Once registered, will be able to access and submit the application form.

The application form must include the following information:

  • Personal Details: Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Address, Contact Number, Email ID, etc.
  • Educational Details: MBBS degree from a recognized medical college and internship details, etc.
  • Exam Details: Exam Center Preference, etc.

NExT 2024 Objectives

There are some NExT exit EMAs for MBBS goals. The passes that MBBS graduates have to pass to be recognized as qualified doctors are discussed here:

The Center hopes that the NEXT examination will create a class of MBBS graduates in India who can become more knowledgeable by offering a more in-depth understanding of the subjects and improving problem-solving abilities in the final batch of MBBS students.

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  • Ensuring that they meet the minimum standards required to practice medicine.
  • To provide a single, standardized exit examination for all medical students, regardless of what medical school they attend.
  • MCI simplifies the process of registration and obtaining license for MBBS graduates.
  • It is intended to serve as a qualifying and screening examination for admission to postgraduate medical courses in India.
  • NExT exam serves as an exit exam for MBBS students in India and those who have obtained their degree outside India and still want to practice medicine in India.
  • Such candidates will first have to appear for FMGE or Foreign Medical Graduate examination. After the implementation of the bill, NExT exam is going to replace NEET and FMGE.
  • This examination may act as the criteria for admission to postgraduate medical programs in India after replacing NEET-PG.

To enable all medical graduates to compete for postgraduate medical seats, the NEXT examination may also conduct a standard counseling process in addition to entrance, licensure and screening tests.

NExT Exam Pattern 2024

NExT 2 practical exam or oral exam will be conducted offline, NExT 1 theory exam will be conducted online. This exam pattern will be released along with the information brochure for NExT Exam 2023. NExT 1 will consist of 540 MCQs. Candidates who qualify Paper 1 of NExT Exam are eligible for the Internship Scheme. To qualify for NExT Paper 1, candidates must score 50% marks. Interested candidates must pass NExT 1 and NExT 2 if they want to take admission in PG programmes.

ExamTypeFormatNumber of QuestionsMinimum Passing Score
NExT 1TheoryOnline540 MCQs50%
NExT 2Practical or vivaOfflineDetermined by state institutions and universitiesNot applicable
NExT Exam Pattern 2024

NExT 1 Question Breakdown

CategoryPercentage of Questions
Comprehension and analysis30%

Additional Information

  • Must have passed NExT 1 to begin internship.
  • NExT 2 can be taken only after completing an internship.
  • The format of NExT 2 will be decided by the respective state institutions and universities.
DaysSubjectsNumber of QuestionsAllotted Time
Day 1Medicine & allied subjects1203 hours
Paediatrics601 hours 30 minutes
Day 2Surgery & Allied1203 hours
ENT601 hours 30 minutes
Day 3Obstetrics & Gynaecology1203 hours
Opthalomology601 hours 30 minutes
NExT Exam Pattern 2024

NExT Marking Scheme 2024

Candidates must obtain minimum marks to qualify the NExT Exam 2024. Marks in Step 1 will be calculated as whole numbers which will serve as raw score with appropriate decimals. Equivalent percentages (points out of maximum 100) can also be calculated with appropriate decimals if necessary.

The results of NExT Exam Two will be reported as pass or fail based only on an assessment of the candidate’s attainment of the required qualifications. In Stage 2 of this examination, candidates will be declared pass or fail on the basis of their ability in the practical/ viva examination.

NExT Syllabus 2024

To be successful in the NExT Exam 2024 it is important for the candidates to have a clear understanding of the NExT syllabus 2024.

NExT Syllabus 2024 Overview

The NExT 2024 curriculum will consist of six subjects. Covers a wide range of clinical, pre-clinical and para-clinical areas.

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  • Medicine & allied subjects
  • Paediatrics
  • Surgery & allied subjects
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Ophthalmology

NExT Exam Subjects 2024

A thorough understanding of the NExT 2024 topics is important for aspiring doctors pursuing postgraduate medical courses, a complete description of the topics covered in the NExT syllabus is included here.


Pediatrics is specifically concerned with the medical care of infants, children and adolescents. This usually includes the study of developmental milestones, common childhood diseases, vaccination schedules, and growth and nutrition related topics in the curriculum.

Medical and related subjects

It primarily covers various aspects of internal medicine including diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases related to various organ systems. It focuses on in-depth knowledge of medical conditions, their pathophysiology and evidence-based treatment approaches.

Surgery and allied subjects

The surgery section of the NExT curriculum covers various surgical disciplines such as general surgery, orthopedics, urology and plastic surgery. It covers topics related to pre-operative, surgical procedures and post-operative care and management of surgical emergencies.


Otorhinolaryngology, also known as ENT (ear, nose, and throat). It mainly focuses on disorders related to the head and neck area. This topic will cover areas like ear diseases, sinusitis, tonsillitis, voice disorders and hearing loss.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

It deals with the medical care of women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. This typically includes topics such as prenatal care, management of high-risk pregnancies, gynecological disorders, and family planning.


Ophthalmology revolves around the study of eye diseases and their treatment. It primarily covers topics such as normal eye conditions, eye anatomy (e.g., cataract, glaucoma), refractive errors, and eye surgical procedures.

A wide range of topics in the pediatric section of the NExT exam:

  • developmental milestones
  • Common childhood illnesses
  • Immunization schedules
  • Growth and nutrition
  • Neonatology
  • pediatric emergencies
  • Fluid-electrolyte balance
  • genetics
  • behavioral problems
  • Pediatric surgical problems
  • therapeutics

Following are some important topics in pediatrics:

  • Neonatal care
  • Respiratory infections
  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • Malnutrition
  • immunization
  • Congenital anomalies
  • childhood cancers
  • Blood disorders
  • Heart diseases
  • neurological disorders
  • behavioral problems

Importance of NExT Syllabus 2024

NExT exam plays an important role to understand the format and level of MBBS course National Exit Test. It is a single-window examination for final year medical students to obtain license to practice medicine and admission to postgraduate medical courses.

A thorough understanding of the NExT 2024 syllabus enables candidates to focus their study efforts on relevant topics and subjects. By understanding the syllabus, students can focus their study efforts on relevant topics and subjects and ensure that they are well prepared for the examination.

This ensures that medical professionals have comprehensive knowledge across multiple disciplines that enables them to provide quality health care and make informed medical decisions. The NExT curriculum is designed to assess students’ clinical knowledge and skills. This is important as it can help ensure that medical graduates are able to provide quality health care to their patients.

NExT Exam for MBBS 2024 Batch in 2028

The National Exit Test (NEXT) will be conducted in the year 2028 for the MBBS class of 2024. The National Medical Commission (NMC) has released its academic calendar for competency-based medical education in 2023. The NExT Step 1 exam is scheduled for February 2028, followed by the NExT Step 2 exam in February 2029. National Exit Test (NExT) basically conducts for MBBS batch of 2020.


What is NExT Exam 2025 Date?

NExT Exam 2024 will conduct for August 2025 (Final year MBBS students of 2020 batch).

What is NExT?

National Exit Test (NExT) is a single-window examination for MBBS students in India. It is an examination conducted at the end of students’ medical training to assess their knowledge and skills and to qualify them for licensing and entry into postgraduate medical courses.

Who will be conducting NExT exam?

NExT MBBS exam will be conducted by AIIMS Delhi. The National Exit Test will be conducted in two phases: Phase 1 and Phase 2. Next Phase 1, a theory based examination will be conducted in computer-based mode and Phase 2, a practical examination will be conducted in offline mode.

When is NExT mock test?

NExT mock test for 2023 has been cancelled. NMC had earlier announced that the NExT mock test will be conducted on July 28, 2023. Mock tests will be conducted before the main NExT exam.

What is the format of the NExT exam?

The NExT exam will be a Computer Based Test (CBT) consisting of two parts:
Part 1: It will consist of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) covering all the topics taught in the MBBS syllabus.
Part 2: The second part will consist of practical examinations in clinical skills.

What is the passing score for NExT?

The passing mark for NExT will be determined by the National Medical Commission (NMC), the passing mark is expected to be around 50%.

How can I prepare for NExT?

The best way to prepare for NExT is to study the MBBS syllabus thoroughly, you also need to practice solving MCQs and giving practical tests.

Who are eligible for National Exit Test (NExT)?

Candidates who have valid MBBS degree recognized by National Medical Commission are eligible for NExT exam. All candidates MBBS graduates seeking admission to postgraduate courses and foreign medical graduates seeking license to practice in India can appear for the examination.

What is NExT Exam 2024 Exam Date?

The National Exit Test (NExT) examination will probably be held in May 2024.

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